Offline Seo Antivenom Review

28 09 2011

SEO AntiVenom by Ben Littlefield is an excellent training program on how to help local businesses get more clients without having to use Google.

Whilst the Big G is undoubtedly important (think Google Places for one!), there are many other ways that you can help a local business to get more clients and build their reputation online, and I highly recommend that you get yourself a copy of Ben's training as he takes you through some simple but very effective strategies that you can

Offline Seo Antivenom Review


Super East Tube Traffic Review

22 09 2011

Super Easy Tube Traffic is a great introduction on how to use YouTube to create content that is of value to others for the purposes of branding and promotion.

In Super Easy Tube Traffic, Zane Miller overviews every major step required to get going with YouTube, from keyword research, to channel optimization, right through to social bookmarking and even how best to use outsourcing.
I've been using YouTube as one of my lead generation strategies for over 2 years, but

SUper Easy Tube Traffic Review

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19 09 2011

Dez Futak


18 09 2011

Dez Futak

How to Overcome Obstacles and Turn Them into Summits

7 09 2011

If you know me well, you'll be aware that I can be like a Rottweiler when it comes to solving challenges. Now this has obvious benefits but there are some hidden traps that can easily sabotage my progress unless I'm being self-aware.
I don't know if it's a "man thing" or just personality (probably a mixture of both), but sometimes the old stubborn, stiff-faced focus can dominate my energy when I'm trying to overcome something.
Let me share with

Dez Futak

31 07 2011


The power of networking with social media & video – how I got Dan Ariely to leave a comment on my blog (unintentionally!)

26 07 2011


Dan Ariely’s book Predictably Irrational is a superb dive into the psychology behind why people make the buying decisions that they do, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it at the beginning of 2011.
What is more interesting is that I inadvertently attracted his attention – he wrote a comment on my Mad Web Scientist – which is pretty cool in my books.
So what if you intentionally used this strategy? It might just work, particularly if you did a whole string of short

Dez Futak